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    Talking to Real Decision Makers

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    Promote Your Business Online and Offline


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Welcome to Tele-Marketing.com.au. We offer a professional telephone marketing promotion system, and it works!


The service is offered to all sorts of enterprises. It can be for a Personal Interest. Or it may be for an Online or Offline venture. It may involve a Product or a Service.


If you want to find real people and decision makers, then we are your very best choice. When we call on your behalf, we will try to drive interest in your product or service.


For example: If you have a website service, then we will call people that might have an interest in that product or service. We will then promote your website to them.


We are very professional and we will happily help you deal with any issue. Client satisfaction is our first priority and we have a large number of satisfied clients.

About Tele-Marketing.com.au

Best Communications Services to Find Real Decision Makers

The whole object of telephone marketing is to win people over to use your products and services. We are a leading provider of the best communications services. We are extremely experienced. When we communicate with people we help them, and generally they are satisfied to receive our calls, on your behalf.


As an example we have worked in the Real Estate Industry. One operator has made about 140,000 telephone calls to prospects in many different areas. This was over a period of about 6 years. About 50% of the people thank the operator for ringing them, and updating them with property information in their respective areas. We very rarely experience hang ups. In addition the rate of success has included: About 8500 sellers in both the short and long term: About 4300 Buyers: About 1000 Leasing or Property Management leads: About 40 very satisfied Clients, who have provided excellent written references.


Most people are more than happy to communicate with us. How is this done? It has taken many years of experience to achieve that level of co-operation from the people we call. In addition, there are various 'techniques' that can help a person remain on the phone and listen.


We will then communicate your message to them. We are dedicated to helping our customers to find perfect solutions and increase business for you. We aim to satisfy your needs. In some cases, we may run a 'trial' for you.

Tele-Marketing.com.au Services

Tele-Marketing.com.au offer a full package of services:

  • Telephone Marketing
  • Offline Advertising
  • Online Promotion

We specialise in Telephone Marketing.

Our target is to deliver best solutions and make your business more profitable with our support.

We will build technology solutions that will solve your marketing problems immediately. 

Other Services Include


We have a huge range of happy and satisfied clients, over many years. We can share that with you if you call us.


Our company has a great history and experience. We do Internet Advertising and they can be very effective in most cases.


We believe that video and visual presentation can be very effective. Talk to real people via video is a powerful tool you can use.


We organise new Websites with Domain Names and Web Hosting. They can be professional marketing Websites.